Finally, Some Official Images: “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts” Optimus Primal

This is probably old news to a good portion of Transformers enthusiasts thanks to these figures appearing earlier in some markets, but official images of both the packaging and the actual toy itself for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Optimus Primal, the “mainline” Voyager class figure, are finally online. And they basically confirm some of the observations we already have thanks to the aforementioned figures appearing earlier.

Here’s Optimus Primal in its rather monotone color glory and the toy does match the on-screen model based on the trailers out right now. As this is part of the “mainline” Rise of the Beasts assortment, the transformation isn’t as complex as a figure from Studio Series which is expected for a line targeted to a wider audience. You can check out reviews of this figure online but the figure does do a clever job in the humanoid-to-humanoid transformation Optimus Primal has.

We also have packaging for three of the Deluxes class offerings from the same line: Nightbird, Mirage, and the rather controversial version of Wheeljack. Both Wheeljack and Nighbird are also available as part of the “Jungle Mission” three-pack along with Cheetor but if you want to get them individually for some reason, then here you go.

Again, these are the mainline Rise of the Beasts figures and if you want better versions of these characters, you can opt to wait for the Studio Series ones.


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