Hasbro Pulse Con 2022: Let’s Talk Transformers Legacy Evolution

Two of the brands I’ve been following from Hasbro’s Pulse Con line up were shown on day 1, so at least I already know the reveals I’m potentially interested in. 2023 would mark year 2 of Transformers Legacy and the universe-hopping shenanigans they’re trying to tell further expands with Transformers Legacy Evolution, with figures featuring a new gimmick aptly named Evo-Fusion.

Out of all the stuff shown earlier, two caught my interest, and then there’s all the speculation from the main visual of the line.

Transformers Legacy Evolution Leo Prime

This isn’t the first time we’re getting a Leo Prime figure as a mainline Transformers release. But these figures were mostly recolors and retools of another, so this is the first time we are actually getting Leo Prime based on his original appearance in Beast Wars II. Outside of the original, the only time we got a figure based on his original design was the Robot Master release which was also good, though a modern take would be appreciated as well.

One thing the Transformers team noted is that they changed the appearance of the lion bits to look more realistic as the original looked more anime than they wanted and it wouldn’t fit the Legacy Evolution aesthetic. Other than that, the figure looks great, it even has the opening chest panel to reveal a Matrix of Leadership… or technically it’s the Maximal Matrix.

Transformers Legacy Evolution Leo Prime
March 2023 / $33.99

Transformers Legacy Evolution Tarn

One thing that fans often clamored Hasbro is to include more comic-original characters in the mainline releases. So, it’s also another welcomed treat when they announced that Tarn, the leader of the DJD, or Decepticon Justice Division — yes, they had those, is finally making it into a mainstream release.

He’s mainly known for being the literal face of the Decepticons, like he has the faction emblem as his faceplate. I’m not the most knowledgeable about the literature he came from but as a figure, Tarn looks really good, and quite poseable to boot. He then transforms into an equally beefy tank with some massive firepower strapped on top.

Personally, I might be curious enough to get a copy myself. But then again, I said the same for Studio Series Galvatron and I didn’t push with the idea. We’ll see.

Transformers Legacy Evolution Tarn (Comic Universe)
March 2023 / $33.99

To cap this off, let’s take note of the Legacy Evolution visual/poster the Transformers team revealed during the panel. I won’t place it here but you can easily check it out from the usual sources. But if you check the top portion of the illustration, you will see what appears to be Armada Universe Optimus Prime. This then triggered speculations that we would finally get that figure teased some years back. Especially if he would be filling up that Commander Class spot that’s still yet to be announced.

Until then, we can all speculate, or just wait for some Walmart listing get leaked online.


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