Stuff on the Office Desk: Sen-Ti-Nel’s SV-Action SP//dr

While hybrid workplaces and setups continue to evolve, I still opted to work in the office. So, I still have a dedicated workstation that I can put stuff on. Including robots, among the actual work essentials.

Being a HobbyLink Japan affiliate doesn’t mean I get special treatment whenever I have stuff in my Private Warehouse going beyond the 60-day “ideal” storage limit. So, thanks to their recent shipping discounts, I finally had this figure shipped, the SV-Action SP//dr from Sen-Ti-Nel and appeared in 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Oh look, the Anti-Gravity Pedestal Tenseg Base I got a month or so before can also hold this guy,

Those familiar with the comic-book source material would know that this is a far cry different from the Evangelion-inspired original design. That said, this version has certainly taken its own spin (get it?) and Sen-Ti-Nel has done an amazing job capturing it in plastic.

If you remember in the film, blue energy filaments are holding the appendages of this machine. Obviously, these don’t work in reality, so they opted for the next best thing — blue translucent universal joints. If you’ve previously tinkered with Revoltech joints, then this is basically the same deal but without the ratchets. That said, you need to be extra cautious when twisting and rotating these joints as they are made from translucent plastic, which isn’t exactly the strongest material out there.

Regardless, this figure looks and feels really good, which is a breath of fresh air from handling another Sen-Ti-Nel product I got recently, the RIOBOT SRX set. The main body also has a light up gimmick though I have yet to test it. Now, I can finally do that One Shot with both the comic-book and animated versions of SP//dr.

EDIT: I have tested the LED light up feature and man, it looks really good, especially in the dark where it can look scary and stuff.


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