What’s with the Long Face Plate? “Transformers: EarthSpark” Warrior-class Optimus Prime #SDCC2022

One of the things Transformers fans were expecting to get more information out of San Diego Comic-Con 2022 is the new Nickelodeon series Transformers: EarthSpark. These include some teaser footage and, of course, the accompanying toys. You can check out the teaser footage below (at least until Hasbro/Paramount decides to take it down) and then follow with the toys, well at least one of the toys.

The series is set on Earth and the Great Autobot-Deception War is already done. Here we see the first a new generation of Transformers robots born on Earth, and the family who welcomes them.

And being the bonafide Optimus Prime collector that I am, I am going to take a look at our new Warrior-class Optimus Prime figure, which is in the same vein as the ones from Cyberverse and Robots in Disguise (2015). Do note that they also dropped images for Bumblebee, Elita-1, and Megatron among others.

Here’s our new Optimus Prime and, surprise-surprise, he transforms into a red and blue truck cab. I do see some semblance of the vehicle mode with his Transformers: Prime incarnation for the first two seasons. Being a Warrior-class figure, he’s a little step down from the Deluxe-class ones but he’s still very functional as far as a good toy goes.

From the initial previews months back, one of the more notable aspects of this design is the vertically longer face place, and head in general. I’ve already seen a couple of memes because of this design choice and it will be hard to unsee once the actual show starts. He is voiced by Alan Tudyk so I think this Optimus Prime has a lot more dimension than his previous incarnations.

Being a Warrior-class figure, Optimus Prime has a built-in gimmick. Fortunately, it isn’t an intrusive one unlike his earlier incarnation. His right arm has an Energon Axe that you can flip to deploy. It’s also nice that they didn’t cheapen out on the blades and painted them accordingly. Also, I don’t think it will be a spring-loaded gimmick though we can only confirm once the figure is out.

I’ll probably get myself a copy just because.

Transformers: EarthSpark is set to premiere on Paramount+ this November.


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