Impressive Retools are Impressive: Transformers Legacy “A Hero is Born” Orion Pax & Alpha Trion Two-Pack

San Diego Comic-Con 2022 is really upon us, with the convention returning after two years due to circumstances we’re all too familiar with. Despite the show returning, Hasbro decided to do things differently and not have any SDCC exclusive items. They instead opted to announce quite the number of figures and sets that would be sold exclusively on Hasbro Pulse. One of these is the Transformers Legacy “A Hero is Born” Orion Pax & Alpha Trion Two-Pack.

The two-pack is based on the G1 season 2 episode “War Dawn” where we discover the origins of Optimus Prime. Basically, Orion Pax gets mortally wounded by Megatron, then Alpha Trion comes to the rescue and rebuilds Orion as Optimus Prime. You can check out the episode via the video above.

Long time Transformers collectors would immediately notice that these two are not new figures and are retools of Studio Series Deluxe Kup and Voyager Scourge. Kup getting retooled as Orion Pax is basically as common as Optimus Prime getting retooled as Ultra Magnus.

As far as I know, neither of these two ‘bots were shown in their vehicle modes in the episode, but their transformations still work, especially with Orion Pax.

The two-pack also includes Vector Sigma, and the Key to Vector Sigma, two items often associated with Alpha Trion.

I mentioned earlier how this set isn’t an SDCC exclusive, but it appears to be an exclusive for Hasbro’s own Pulse Con, which is set around September. In any case, I am really looking forward to getting this two-pack. Being an Optimus Prime collector, I’m also inclined to get these Orion Pax sets as well.

Transformers Legacy “A Hero is Born” Two-Pack
November 2022 / $66.99


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