Love and Thunder and Armor: Fighting Armor Thor

Seemingly timed with the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, Sen-Ti-Nel announced the next figure in their Fighting Armor line — Thor. To recall, this line takes on the scenario where what if Tony Stark makes an armor for each of the other Marvel Characters. And while there’s no tie up fiction to this line, as compared to Tamashii Nations’ Tech-On Avengers figures which operate on the same premise, it allows a different view of these characters we are quite familiar with.

My main nitpick with these figures is how they don’t have much variation when compared to each other, and especially compared to the S.H.Figuarts Tech-On Avengers figures. Fortunately, Thor’s design has enough nuances that this Iron Man-ized version looks more different than previous releases. Oh, and yes, it comes with a cloth cape with wires for all those dynamic flowing-with-the-wind displays.

Design nuances aside, the figure still looks great, especially with that intricate paint job that Sen-Ti-Nel figures are known for. Not to mention the articulation despite being an armored character.

Much like the MCU version of Thor, this figure includes the two weapons now synonymous with the character — Mjolnir and Stormbringer — each painted in gorgeous gunmetal and has the same studs/jewels present in the armor itself.

Outside of his signature weapons, the figure doesn’t include much besides the display stand and replacement hands. The solicitation also shows who would get the next armored treatment following Thor, and it’s no other than everyone’s favorite God of Mischief, Loki.

Fighting Armor Thor
December 2022 / ¥12,000
Pre-order via HobbyLink Japan


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