Yet Another Curiosity Piece: PLAMAX “Godz Order” Godwing Celestial Knight Yuri Godbuster

I had a few glimpses of this new mecha musume / bishoujo plamo line from Max Factory, but they’ve recently opened a special page dedicated to explaining the lore and convincing us to buy more kits. I present Godz Order kits from Max Factory’s PLAMAX line.

Godz Order is the brainchild of character designer Akira Yasuda who has done work for Turn “A” Gundam and Overman King Gainer and produced through the collaboration with Max Factory to create this new line of mecha musume kits.

Girls equipped with statuesque steel wings and heavy armor take flight. While human in form, they are only partially human entities, meant to carry out the lives of humans in their place. Equipped with heavy weapons in a world rife with conflict, they have now been brought into plastic model form.

Godz Order is a story set in the near future where conflict between Earth, along with the space-faring nation Olympus, and the nation of Fantagio built in orbit took place. This led to the people of Fantagio transferring their consciousness to robot avatars. This included engineer Yuri Ozora who became one with her own avatar JK-001 Godbuster. With the passing of Yuri, JK-001 Godbuster continued her will to fight and became the Godwing Celestial Knight Yuri Godbuster.

So yes, she’s basically a robot, which is what I really prefer with these mecha musume kits, albeit with fantasy looking armor bits. Yuri Godbuster takes a medieval knight aesthetic with her head gear, leg armor and weapons.

Her signature weapon is the Great Lance which has a total length of 400mm, including the translucent parts, which can also transform into the Great Sword. She also has a waist mounting unit that can store even more weapons like a pair of additional swords.

Like other mecha musume kits, you can strip off all the armor to reveal a normal-looking girl beneath, who’s still a robot. You could also say this is how her developer, Yuri Ozora, would look if she decided to do a medieval cosplay. Either way this kit looks good in both configurations thanks to the pre-painted face parts included.

The solicitation also mentions how her front apron is made from PVC to provide some flexibility while her skirt is segmented in design so as to not hinder more dynamic poses.

Here’s everything that comes with Yuri Godbuster which should provide several display options. Speaking of display, a stand is also included.

Next is Max Factory just flexing the display potential of this kit when placed in an appropriately fantasy-themed backdrop. I wish I had the same to give this kit justice.

There already are numerous mecha musume kits on the market, from Frame Arms Girls to Megami Devices, to 30 Minute Sisters, and even to the A.T.K. Girls. But these only seldom capture the true elegance of this genre like the recent Arca Nadea Lumitea kit from Kotobukiya and I believe this one will follow suit.

PLAMAX Godwing Celestial Knight Yuri Godbuster
August 2022 / ¥8,000
Pre-order from HobbyLink Japan


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