Shizuoka Hobby Show 2022: New Kotobukiya “The Brave Fighter” Kits

Next in my selective coverage of the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2022 reveals would be those from Kotobukiya. I’ve been following them closer today than in previous years mainly due to the kits from The Brave Fighter line. I’ve been getting them for the most part though I haven’t purchased the recent ones, including the recently released Da Garn-X. But before I go through the reveals, I just wanted to explain my approach in collecting this line.

I really like how clearly everything is explained in this chart.

These kits come in three size varieties: aptly named as the S-class, M-class, and L-class. The core robots are categorized as small, while the base forms as medium, and ultimate forms as large. Save for Great Exkaiser, the base forms are usually M-class kits, then the core robots will be S-class kits and come with parts to combine with the base form kits to build the larger final forms. My initial approach in collecting these was to have each form be a separate kit, meaning I’ll need to purchase multiple copies of the base forms or their accessory kits, which would be impractical. Fortunately, converting the base form kits won’t require total disassembly unlike how you transform most HG Gunpla — which is also why I was contemplating on getting multiple copies.

In any case, here are the new items!

Da Garn and GX Parts

First is the Da-Garn & GX Parts which is the complementary kit for the recently released Da-Garn X kit. Da Garn is the core robot of Da-Garn X and will come as an S-class kit, and along with it are parts to upgrade Da-Garn X to Great Da-Garn GX which is the ultimate form. These parts are basically from Ga-Orn which we are yet to get a kit of.

At least we know how the other kits appear straight out of the box.

Da Garn will be joining the other S-class kits in the line, including Dran from Goldran, and both Deckard and Duke Fire from J-Decker.

Still on gray prototypes, we also have one for the GX parts combined with Da-Garn X to form Great Da-Garn GX. Much like the other ultimate forms in the Brave Series, this one includes a new head, chest and back parts, attachments to the sides of the legs, and larger feet. Given how modular these additional parts are, I could later get another copy of Da Garn X to build separate kits for each form.

Dino geist

Dino Geist was announced late in 2021 albeit with just an illustration. This time, they were able to show gray prototypes and this kit looks great. To those unfamiliar, Dino Geist is the main villain in Exkaiser and is a triple changer between its robot, jet, and dinosaur modes. This kit obviously foregoes any transformation, but it allows for better articulation and proportions as seen here. I won’t be getting this guy, but any Brave Series collector should enjoy this model kit of Dino Geist.

Seven Changer

Taking the part of the reveal via an illustration is Seven Changer from Da-Garn, who trumps Dino Geist’s triple transformation with seven modes. He was initially an antagonistic figure in the series but ends up joining the other Brave robots midway. Again, none of the seven transformations will be included in this kit, but you will get the most anime-accurate representation of this character instead.

Baan Gaan

Baan Gaan was announced around the same time as Dino Geist last year, though they were able to show some prototype shots. This time, it’s still gray prototypes but at least we are getting a better look at this kit. They also mention that while development is almost complete, they are still making tweaks that involve “future product development”, which likely translates to its complementary kit. Baan Gaan has multiple weapons though we’re only shown its pair of Twin Lancers that can combine into the Dual Lancer.

None of these kits have prices or release dates attached to them, which is a good thing since I still need to catch up with a couple more kits, much more build the ones I have.


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