Unsolicited First Impressions: “Kyoukai Senki”, “Sacks&Guns!!”, “Muv-Luv Alternative”

As I probably mentioned in a couple of posts already, October has finally started and along with it, multiple mecha series for the season. I’ve caught the opening episodes for most of them and here are my unsolicited thoughts.

Kyoukai Senki

After finishing the episode, the first question that popped into my brain is: “Why aren’t we getting Gundam shows like this?” I mean sure, it’s not your typical Earth-versus-Space conflict with overpowered humanoid war machines. But it has the same potential for politically-driven conflicts and cool mechanics. I know why, no iconic masked dude.

On a serious note, it was a good opening episode. They basically explain what happened to Japan and how it ended up split by the four economic blocs. It’s kind of like Code Geass in that regard but without the whole “Yes, Your Highness!” thing. They are also keen on establishing how the AMAIMs and MAILeS work in this word, which would really make you appreciate the kits they’d expect you to purchase afterwards. Overall, this is something most Gundam fans will definitely like.


While Kyoukai Senki would be your more prototypical mecha show, Sacks&Guns!! is a more unique take on the genre. The premise reminded me of something like Gurren-Lagann with humanity living underground because of some event, and our father-daughter tandem wanting to explore and go to that place with boundless skies. It starts of with your typical banter but the third act takes a more serious turn and conveys the message that this world is still a dangerous place, hence their current living situation.

Besides the mecha stuff, I am really looking forward to how our weirdly-named protagonists Gagumber and Memempu would develop as they go through this journey together. Oh and of course, Big Tony.

Muv-Luv Alternative

I’m not exactly an expert when it comes to this franchise, but I do have some familiarity with it. Also because I believe this is the third animated series based on this story. The one thing that really keeps me from watching any of the previous series was how dire the story is. In a nutshell, the Earth has been invaded and humanity decimated by these ruthless aliens dubbed “BETA”, with our heroes basically fighting a hopeless battle they know they’ll eventually lose.

And this first episode totally brings the same hopeless atmosphere. We are immediately thrust into a battle where there are only a handful of survivors, our TSF (or Tactical Surface Fighter) squad mostly obliterated, and the area they’re trying to protect completely overran by the BETA. That said, I am willing to give this series a shot with the hopes of eventually getting into the previous ones, despite not knowing where each fit in continuity.

I’ve also watched the first episode of the second half of 86 -Eighty Six- but I’m not including that since it’s technically not my first impression. Then there’s Megaton Musashi which totally looks promising, but unfortunately isn’t licensed so there’s no official English release as of yet. Heck, even my trusty sources in the “methods network” turned up with nothing. The only premiere I’m waiting for is Gundam Breaker Battlogue which looks exciting as well.


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