Stuff I Missed: Sen-Ti-Nel SV-Action SP//dr and Peni Parker

It’s been more than a week since ACGHK 2021 concluded, though there’s this reveal that I really planned to make a post of, but wasn’t able to because reasons. Sen-Ti-Nel has revealed a couple of figures under their SV-Action line, which is basically 1/12 action figures from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. If there’s a figure I’d want to have from that movie, it would be SP//dr.

To those needing a refresher, SP//dr is the mecha piloted by Peni Parker and acts as her world’s version of Spider-Man. This version of SP//dr looks more like a capsule cockpit unit with arm and leg units attached and is able to display various expressions though the dome-shaped visor on the top of the capsule unit. The gray prototype shown during ACGHK, shows a very articulated SP//dr with that appears to be an in-scale statue of Peni Parker. This is similar to the Dorohedoro figure sets Sen-Ti-Nel is currently soliciting, where one character is a fully articulated figure while the other is basically a fixed pose statue, basically an accessory piece.

Now, I’m pretty sure many aren’t really onboard with the idea of making Peni Parker an accessory piece since she’s one of the most lively characters from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse but it’s better than not getting anything at all I suppose. Oh, and have I mentioned how this version of SP//dr looks nothing like its comic book counterpart?

Comic book SP//dr is actually inspired by Evangelion, hence the lanky proportions. Oh and hey look, old-school watermark!

No pricing or release information has been included with the show floor display.


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