It’s 1940s Iron Man! Marvel Legends “What If…?” Wave Revealed

A couple of weeks or so ahead of its August 11 premiere, Hasbro has dropped yet another Marvel Legends wave dedicated to the next Marvel Studios series to premiere on Disney +, What If…?. The series follows the events of Loki where the multiverse is unleashed and will be featuring different versions of the MCU characters we already know. One of the character variations I found interesting is Peggy Carter getting the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers, turning her into Captain Carter while Steve Rogers uses an Iron Man-esque suit of armor to assist her.

When I saw that from the initial trailers, I was already sure Hasbro would be capitalizing on this and some months after, we have confirmation through the What If…? wave of Marvel Legends figures.

I guess building armors is really a specialty of the Stark family as Howard Stark gives The Hydra Stomper to Steve Rogers to help Captain Carter. Outside the moss green color scheme, this suit has basically most of the nuances and design cues expected from an Iron Man suit, including an Arc Reactor-esque power supply unit on its chest. The figure also appears to be quite huge as it’s comparable to the Marvel Legends Hulkbuster size-wise. And of course, it will come with blast effect parts.

The other figure I’m interested in this wave is, of course, Captain Carter which should go pretty well with The Hydra Stomper. She looks great, especially thanks to Hasbro’s photo-real technology which definitely rivals those from Japanese manufacturers. It also comes with a shield like Captain America, and you can have her ride The Hydra Stomper thanks to a handle built in the backpack of the armor.

As of this post, both figures, and the rest of the wave, will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow. We’ll probably also get their release dates by then.


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