Because Everyone’s Suiting Up: More Fighting Armor Figures #ACGHK2021

This weekend had a couple of large events happening on the opposite sides of the globe. For one is of course Comic Con @ Home, the second year that the large geek convention is taking place virtually thanks to all the shenanigans I won’t mention. Then there’s Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong which is a relatively smaller but still significant convention more geared towards the hobbies. This is also where Sen-Ti-Nel revealed more figures as part of their Fighting Armor line. Or as I’d like to call it, the current trend of being Oprah and giving everyone an Iron Man suit. The initial wave consisted of Iron Man, Iron Spider, Captain America, Wolverine, and Deadpool. This new batch adds four more interestingly-picked characters.

The first pair of these new figures would be the infamous brothers from Asgard, Thor and Loki with their own armored suits. While these are still gray prototypes, you can imagine the color schemes these would have. Most notably the green and gold combination Loki is known for. Each are wielding their signature weapon, with Thor including both Mjolnir and Stormbringer while Loki has this staff that I cropped out because it’s too long. Besides the top chest piece and helmets, the sculpts of each are more or less identical.

The other two armors are War Machine and Black Panther, both of which are similarly dark colored. Both still use the same Iron Man base figure though War Machine appears a bulkier as expected, especially on the forearms and lower legs. Whereas Black Panther’s armor has all the visual nuances, most notably on the chest and arm parts.

While I think it’s a good concept, many are already noticing how both Sen-Ti-Nel and Tamashii Nations are basically doing the same concept with armored versions of Marvel characters, with the latter having a tie-in limited comic book. I’ve probably said this before but visually, I prefer how the Tech-On Avengers armors look more different to each other when compared to how similar the Fighting Armor designs are. I’ll probably won’t get any of these but if you’re a fan of everyone getting Iron Man armors, then you have more options to choose from.

No release information is available for these upcoming figures as of this post.


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