New Mecha Series from Sunrise Beyond ✕ Bandai Spirits: “Kyoukai Senki”

We are getting quite the number of new mecha series in 2021! Back Arrow is currently on going, season 1 of Pacific Rim: The Black dropped a couple of weeks ago (read the full review), 86 -Eighty Six- is scheduled to premiere in April, and Sacks&Guns!! in Autumn 2021. You can also count Soukou Musume Senki if you want but you get the idea. But it looks like the gods of mecha aren’t done as Sunrise Beyond (Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE) & Bandai Spirits revealed yet another new series also slated for an Autumn 2021 premiere. Presenting… Kyoukai Senki.

Kyoukai Senki is set in the year 2061 where the world is dominated by four major economic powers. At the same time, Japan has been ruled and split by these economic powers and the Japanese are oppressed as a result. Enter our main character Amou Shiiba, a 16 year old boy who encounters the AI named Gai, setting the stage in taking back Japan aboard the machine named Kembu.

(From Left) Amou, Gai, and Kenbu.

Some of the key production staff has also been revealed. Nobuyushi Habara (Fafner EXODUS) is set to direct the series along with Noboru Kimura (Gundam Build Divers) for series composition, and Kenichi Ohnuki (Gundam Build Fighters) for character designs. Mecha designs, on the other hand, will be handled by industrial designer Ken Okuyama who has designed the Ferrari Enzo, and notably, the Gundam G40.

The overall story may sound a little common for the genre but the names attached to this project has me interested. And being produced in collaboration with Bandai Spirits, we are getting proper doses of model kits, but more on that later. Kyoukai Senki is currently scheduled to premiere this autumn.


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