Gen Urobochi ✕ Buemon: YouTube Originals Anime “OBSOLETE”

Prolific anime screenwriter Gen Urobochi (Gargantia on the Verderous Planet, Expelled from Paradise) is once again back to write a new mecha series — with series directors Hiroki Yamada and Seiichi Shirato, and animation production by Buemon, best known for their CG animation.

Gen Urobochi ✕ Buemon: YouTube Originals Anime "OBSOLETE"

The series is titled OBSOLETE and it be a YouTube Originals exclusive slated to premiere this December. And yes, this is full on 3D CG.

Set in 2014, aliens of unknown origin made contact with humanity and requested a trade arrangement — which would be eventually known as the "Sankt Gallen Arrangement". In exchange for 1,000 kg of limestone, they will provide "EXOFRAMES" — 2.5 meter tall consciousness-controlled robots. With their apparently cheaper costs and ease of operation, these EXOFRAMES quickly replaced coventional tanks, planes, and artillery.

Gen Urobochi ✕ Buemon: YouTube Originals Anime "OBSOLETE"

While most people are turned off by the mere mention of CG in their anime, I have a much higher tolerance to it — case in point the ULTRAMAN anime back in April. In addition, if you go to the official website at, you can read tons of world-building information regarding the EXOFRAMES and how they came to be.

It’s pretty safe to say that I’ll be watching this series, though I have no idea how the whole YouTube Originals thing works. What’s more, I wish these EXOFRAMES will have some figures or model kits as the designs are quite interesting. Oh wait, they do!


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