Plastic Crack: Auldey C-Type 1/144 “Kainar” Model Kits

This is Plastic Crack — posts with content shared from other collectors that provide inspiration for the hobby or the unnecessary push to buy more stuff.

While China isn’t exactly the place you’d go to look for fresh intellectual properties, they do try every once in a while. One such attempt is the 2013 series Kainar ASY-TAC Fronteer (yes, ‘Fronteer’), a mecha series with Gundam-esque story beats but has a unique premise overall. Those curious can watch all 52 episodes officially on YouTube.

Auldey released kits back in 2013 and much like Gunpla, they are offered in multiple scales and ‘grades.’ They have the 1/144 scale C-Type (Classic), 1/100 scale A-Type (Advanced), and SD Q-Type (cute?) lines. Further comparison suggests that the C-Types have engineering similar to High Grades from Gundam 00 and the A-Types are like RE/100 kits as seen below.

So why am I suddenly posting about these? I was going through my gargantuan backlog and saw an unassembled C-Type 1/144 Precursor Kainar. I won’t count on it, but I’m hoping this would motivate me to build the kit, eventually.

Videos via YouTube / 오우쁘뤠이 and YouTube / 谢双超.


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