One Shots / "The Iron Couple"

When Tony Stark saw Pepper Ports elegantly arrive at the battlefield using the Rescue armor, he thought to himself -- "Why the heck did it take me this long to give her a suit of armor!?"

Conclusion: The Hunt for S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark 22 “Hot Rod”

This is the continuation (and conclusion) to a post I made months ago after my last trip to Japan in an attempt to secure a copy of the event-exclusive S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark 22 "Hot Rod". You can read that blog entry by clicking here. I went to Japan last February to (1) finally visit … Continue reading Conclusion: The Hunt for S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark 22 “Hot Rod”

Wrong Call! Iron Man Mark 49 is “Rescue”

Jumping off the Mark 47 from Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War introduced us two Iron Man armors -- the nano-tech Mark 50 and Hulkbuster Mark 2. Most fans assumed that the second Hulkbuster would actually by the Mark 49 and would leave the question of where is the Mark 48. Now that the spoiler ban … Continue reading Wrong Call! Iron Man Mark 49 is “Rescue”

Tamashii Nations “Avengers: Endgame” Solicitations

It seems like an embargo for Avengers: Endgame collectible figures has been lifted as after the Hot Toys reveals, Tamashii Nations has also started soliciting their full slate of S.H.Figuarts releases. For this post, I'll likely cover just those relevant to my collection -- i.e. Iron Man stuff. Starting with stuff that's actually new, here's … Continue reading Tamashii Nations “Avengers: Endgame” Solicitations