“ULTRAMAN” Final Season Trailer Drop & New FigZero Reveals

2023 is speeding right before our eyes and we’re now into February, which means we are inching our way closer to the final season of the Netflix ULTRAMAN anime. With how the sophomore season veered away from the source material, it’s safe to say the final season will definitely have anime-original concepts. But they will still use several characters appearing in the later chapters of the manga, such as Ultraman Suit Marie you see above.

They also dropped a trailer, and you can see it below.

There seems to be some infighting amongst our group of Ultraman Suit users, and a lot of asking about what true justice is and what actually makes someone a hero. Then in the end, we get the glimpse of Ultraman Suit Marie who, if we’ll use the manga as reference, is supposedly Rena Sayama. Her reveal also means companies can also reveal upcoming figures of the character, chief being threezero’s FigZero version.

I think this is the CG model pulled straight from the anime, but at least it provides us a previous of the suit and how it’s more or less the same as its manga counterpart.

Meanwhile, from a different universe, or as they call it, another universe, threezero also revealed a new FigZero figure. This time, it’s of Ultraman Suit Tiga Power Type from the Hobby Japan photo novel Ultraman Suit Another Universe or UAU.

The suit is derived from the strength-based form of Ultraman Tiga where the colors are stripped to just red, just like how the Showa-era Ultras are. Similar to Ultraman Suit Tiga Sky type where additional parts were added to the lower sections for that speed boost, Power Type over here comes with additional parts are also provided to the upper sections for increased strength in melee combat.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, this figure is one-sixth scale which is out of my preferred size or price range, but it does have the advantage of looking really good. The combination of metallic finish and all those sculpted details makes for an amazing, armored figure right here. And let’s not forget articulation as you can see in these poses.

All that praise aside, this figure is just a recolor of the vanilla Ultraman Suit Tiga figure and we only get a handful of parts to transform it into the Power Type configuration. If you’ve been collecting these FigZero releases, then getting one is an easy decision. But if you need to choose, then this is also an excellent choice, better if paired with the Sky Type figure.

FigZero 1/6 Ultraman Suit Tiga Power Type
September 2023 / ¥20,900
Order via HobbyLink Japan



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