Stuff on the Office Desk: Both are Lions, One Looks Less

Over the past weekend, I finally got two of my more anticipated Transformers purchases which were made available at the last part 2022. First is the HasLab-excluive Victory Saber and the other is the Legacy Evolution Leo Prime. And for some reason, I immediately thought of bringing both to the office as my new desk display pieces.

Yes, I decided to mix these two for the sole reason of both transforming into lions on varying degrees. Though to be completely honest, if you just look at Victory Leo upfront and without peeking on the top of its head, there’s no way you’d assume its lion-based alternate mode. And those horns don’t help either. While Leo Prime is the complete opposite as it literally wears a lion’s head as a shoulder.

Regardless, I’ve been highly anticipating these figures and it’s a treat to finally get them on-hand. I’ll probably replace Leo Prime with Star Saber at some point and do the whole Victory Saber combination while I’m at it.



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