Still Waiting for Pre-orders: Mini Action Lion Force & Vehicle Force #Voltron @ Super Festival Extra vol. 6

It’s been a while since Action Toys announced they’re doing both Lion and Vehicle Force Voltron as part of the Mini Action Series. Well, we’re still waiting for pre-orders, but the figure prototypes did show up last weekend during Super Festival Extra Vol. 6. At least this confirms that both figures are still in the pipeline.

I am assuming these are the same prototypes they took pictures of sometime last year so there’s nothing new. The cards for both figures also say TBD for both release date and price so there’s really nothing new to see here. But having both figures on display side-by-side gives a great idea of how they’d look next to each other and, boy, do they look great together.

I’m just hoping these don’t sell out immediately after going up for pre-order. By the way, the ES Gokin versions will be released in April 2023 so at least we can estimate when these two would be ready for pre-order.


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