Quickie! Marvel Legends Iron Man [Extremis] (2023): Updated Photos

A couple of weeks ago during MCM Comic Con 2022 in London, Hasbro revealed the Marvel Legends 2023 Avengers wave featuring Puff Adler as the Build-A-Figure. Thanks to new Amazon listings, we now have better images of the figures, including the only one I’ll be getting — Iron Man [Extremis] or the Model 29 for semantics nuts like me, as previously established.

If I hadn’t mentioned it already, this isn’t the first time Hasbro has done the Extremis Armor. And since they had hit a goldmine with the Marvel 80th Anniversary version of the classic Iron Man suit, they’ve been doing a fantastic job at releasing modern versions of various armors. While this figure is part of the Puff Adler Build-A-Figure wave, it doesn’t come with parts to build him. Instead, we get the usual load out of replacement hands and blast effect parts. No alternate Tony Stark head included as well.

Marvel Legends Series Iron Man [Extremis] (2023)
June 2023 / $24.99


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