#5004 / RE:EDIT / Mjolnir Mark V “Master Chief”

Halo Infinite, the sixth main entry in the Halo game series, and the latest in the franchise, just dropped a few days ago (as of this post). So, it makes perfect sense to feature its most prominent character, and one of the most recognizable characters on modern game titles, on this site. Yes, I’m talking about John-117, Master Chief Petty Officer or simply “Master Chief.” Let’s take a look at how he appeared in Halo: Combat Evolved with this 1/12 scale RE:EDIT Mjolnir Mark V “Master Chief” figure from 1000toys by hitting the gallery link below. Enjoy!

The CATALOGUE#5000 / Twelfth-Scale & Others#5004 / RE:EDIT / Mjolnir Mark V “Master Chief”


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