#5004 / RE:EDIT / Mjolnir Mark V “Master Chief”

Product Line / RE:EDIT
Scale & Class / 1/12 Scale Collectible Figure
Manufacturer / 1000toys
Release Date / 2020
Appearances / Halo: Combat Evolved

Microsoft’s Halo series for the Xbox is one of the most successful game franchises within the last couple of decades, with installments still being produced as of this writing. The franchise is also responsible for introducing us to Master Chief, one of the most recognizable game characters. So, it’s really surprising we haven’t had a definitive Master Chief figure in the 1/12 or 6-inch scale until recently. Jazwares now has their Halo Spartan Collection line of 6.5-inch scale figures which is comparable to Hasbro’s Marvel Legends. But if you want a higher-end collectible, 1000toys has you covered with their new 1/12 scale RE:EDIT line. Yes, what used to be Sen-Ti-Nel’s 7-inch Iron Man line is now repurposed by 1000toys for 1/12 scale figures. And for their first release, they’re taking on Master Chief wearing the Mjolnir Mark V powered assault armor as seen from Halo: Combat Evolved.

While I haven’t bought any 1000toys figures previously, if Sen-Ti-Nel’s releases are of any indication, then I can expect something of really high quality with this one. And straight out of packaging, you can immediately feel the quality and heft that comes with this figure. The armor pieces and the sculpted surface details are sharp, which makes this figure look amazing. You might think that an armored figure like this one has hindered articulation, but Master Chief can do amazing poses as well. It has a complete load out of hinges and swivels that allows you to put Master Chief in any pose you might imagine. You can even see in the images here how I managed to put the figure on just one foot thanks to the stiff joint assemblies. Speaking of joint assemblies, the only thing I don’t like are those tiny wrist ball joints. Not because they’re small, nor because they look easily breakable, but because they really can’t keep the hand parts attached, especially when using Master Chief’s signature rifle. The rifle holding hand often falls out on me during the shoot. Fortunately, you can store the rifle on mounting points at the back just like in the games. Master Chief also comes with two pistols that can be stored on the sides of the legs. Finally, this Master Chief isn’t complete without the plasma sword which comes in blue translucent plastic with crackling effects painted in.