Plastic Crack: GRIMDRAGON (Mechagodzilla, Ready Player One)

With Godzilla VS. Kong already released in most territories, many should’ve known that Mechagodzilla is appearing in the third act as the common enemy that would Godzilla and Kong join forces and beat. And as you may have known as well, it ain’t the first appearance of the mechanized kaiju in Hollywood. The credit goes to its appearance in 2018’s Ready Player One where it fought against our heroes, one of which took the form of the RX-78-2 Gundam.

While we can build the RX-78-2 Gundam in all sorts of assortments and grades, we can’t recreate their battle from the movie since there’s no figure of this Mechagodzilla was released, until now.

Straight from China is “Grimdragon”, or if you prefer the Chinese text above, the “Steel Armored Evil Dragon.” Either are fitting analogues to Mechagodzilla. What’s seen in this review is apparently the second edition of the figure, which is available as either metallic bright or metallic dark black.

EDIT: Apparently, there are several English reviews of this figure out there, guess I just wasn’t looking hard enough. Although I do believe these are the first edition while the one from the Chinese video above, and the comparison image afterwards is the second edition.

The first thing you’ll notice is how good the sculpt, paint and weathering are, quite comparable to NECA figures. Well, the reviewer also notes how it’s likely made to be displayed with NECA Godzilla figures. As far as articulation goes, it’s mostly okay, especially from the head to the upper torso, as well as the extremities. The lower torso is a single piece while the tail section is comprised of three solid segments, each connected by a ball joint which also provides the articulation. A such, tail movement is quite limited, but that’s something I’m wiling to overlook.

Check out more amazing photos over at Isaac Wong Toys on Facebook.

One thing to note, especially on the metallic dark black version, is that the weathering can rub off the figure, as demonstrated in the review above. You can probably apply a layer of clear coat to seal the paint details.

Then there’s actually buying this guy. At the moment, you can only purchase one over at Taobao, which isn’t exactly the friendliest site for non-Chinese speakers. Just use the search term “機甲哥斯拉.” I’m currently looking at a proxy service for getting stuff at Taobao but I’ll have to see. Grimdragon is currently priced at around $28 excluding shipping.

TRIVIA: Did you know that the Mechagodzilla designs for both Ready Player One and Godzilla VS. Kong were made by the same person? Check out Jared Krichevsky and his amazing portfolio over at his ArtStation page.


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