Much Needed Upgrade: Marvel Legends “The Infinity Saga” Iron Monger & Obadiah Stane

More Marvel news comes our way as Hasbro drops yet another round of new Marvel Legends reveals coming from “The Infinity Saga” collection. To those unfamiliar, this is basically their way of providing updated figures to older releases. And this particular duo is finally getting a much needed upgrade.

When the first Iron Man movie was released back in 2008, Hasbro has yet to revive the Marvel Legends line when they got the Marvel master toy license. But the movie did have a tie-in 6-inch figure line which was sort of a prototype of what would eventually became Marvel Legends. This line included the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Iron Monger who was the villain in the aforementioned movie.

It was an okay figure with gimmicks like an opening chest piece to reveal Obadiah Stane inside. But it was a little small when compared to the on-screen model. And of course, it doesn’t stand up to modern Marvel Legends standards so it’s really great to finally get a modern Iron Monger figure.

Addressing the scale issues of the old release, this Iron Monger is better scaled with the included Obadiah Stane figure, making the former much larger than the original. And while the opening chest feature is gone, what’s included are more sculpted details and articulation. Not to mention the Obadiah Stane figure getting the face print technology.

For accessories, the two pack comes with multiple effect and replacement parts for Iron Monger while Obadiah comes with his trusty briefcase and the Arc Reactor he stole from Tony Stark.

If Hasbro goes deeper into character that needed updated figures in the Marvel Legends line, I really hope they do more from Iron Man 2. I would really like to see a modern version of the Whiplash armor as well as AIM’s Assault Drones.

Marvel Legends Series “The Infinity Saga” Iron Monger & Obadiah Stane 2-Pack
August 2021 / $73.99


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