Retools and Repaints Galore! Fighting Armor Captain America

Let’s recall, Sen-Ti-Nel’s Fighting Armor line turns the what-if concept of Tony Stark making Iron Man-esque armors for other superheroes into action figure form. They have opened solicitations for the 3rd figure in the line and it has really convinced me about something.

Initially teased by Sen-Ti-Nel yesterday, they are releasing Captain America as the next figure, following Iron Spider and, of course, Iron Man. At first glance, it really looks great, that signature Captain America colors applied to an Iron Man suit of armor.

However, looking at the design further just reinforces my initial thoughts on this figure, and the line in general. That these would likely be retools and recolors/repaints of the first release, Iron Man. Now the concept makes perfect sense as Tony Stark won’t be reinventing the wheel every time he creates a new armor for each of those heroes. I was just hoping the line to be like the “House Party Protocol” from Iron Man 3, where each armor has unique characteristics to set them apart from each other.

Personal biases aside, the figure looks great as I mentioned earlier. Paint applications look sharp and they didn’t skimp on the details. I just find the head sculpt looking like the Captain America helmet being worn by a blank mannequin. I know it’s supposed to be a face plate but they could’ve sculpted some details to further reinforce that design. I bet you can’t un-see that from this point onwards. For accessories, it comes with a couple of replacement hands, a display stand, and his iconic shield that can be attached to the back for storage.

In any case, looks like I’ll just stick to my single Iron Man purchase from this line. But then again, they also revealed at Deadpool-inspired armor in one of the earlier toy shows. Maybe I’ll make an exception and get that one?

Fighting Armor Captain America
April 2021 / ¥11,000


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