Refresh and Renewal: We’re Done and Online!

Refresh and Renewal

Technically the site is already on “soft opening” since mid-December through the content that’s being generated though most of the layout and imagery are still placeholders. Today, sans those for the CATALOGUE Entries, everything that you should see are final so… we’re live yet again!

One of the more significant changes I have for the site is through the way I present content. Prior to pressing the ‘reset button’, I’ve been writing content in a manner that’s too formal that I don’t even use the first person to convey my own thoughts. And I think that’s a little disservice on my part as this is my blog and my real estate online, therefore I should claim everything I say. The only section that’s out are the Features as I’ve yet to write something for that category.

In any case, feel free to browse around, hopefully I’d be able to dish out actual content, and not just collated news items, more frequently. Enjoy!


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