I Went Ahead and Read the Manga: More Unsolicited “Getter Robo Arc” Thoughts

The following may contain spoilers for Getter Robo Arc.

Going back to my current Getter Robo zeitgeist, I decided to read the whole of Getter Robo Arc to see where we are currently in terms of the anime, as well as the stuff they’ve added. And I must say, I’m quite impressed with what the anime has done so far.

For starters, this adaptation takes previously unanimated material and presents them as flashbacks relevant to the story. While they’re not present in the actual manga panels, their addition provides more context and further expands the lore prior established by prior installments. I also like how they’re adding material from the previous OVAs and integrates them to the existing canon, case in point being the appearance of this guy in episode six.

Now I have no idea where they’re taking the story with the appearance of Black Shin Getter over here, but it’s definitely a welcome addition. This is probably an offshoot of Black Getter, a modified Getter 1 that first appeared in Getter Robo Armageddon back in 1998. Black Shin Getter has all the same design cues, including its signature face plate.

As far as the story goes, I believe the anime is already around the mid point of the manga where the Getter Team goes on a mission to the current base of the Dinosaur Empire. And if they’ll go with the same story beats as the source material, then we’re in for a lot of stuff happening pretty soon, one of which is the guy below:

Teased during the same Tamashii Nations show where the Soul of Chogokin figures from Getter Robo Arc were announced is Gettersaurus. It’s basically the Dinosaur Empire’s version of a Getter Robo, complete with the whole combining functionality.

And then there’s the ending, and it definitely left quite the cliffhanger. I’m not spoiling anything here but I will say it’s really unfortunate the story wasn’t completed, especially at the point where it leaves the characters. It also makes me really curious how the anime would handle the same progression of events. Heck, I don’t even know the episode count of this series. Regardless, I’ll keep tuning in to Getter Robo Arc and hopefully, I’ll get into reading the previous installments as well.


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