Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest 2021: Marvel Legends Series

Hasbro has just concluded their Pulse Fan Fest event, an online showcase of up and coming releases from their various collector-oriented brands, including Marvel, Star Wars, Transformers, Power Rangers, G.I.Joe, and their latest license, Fortnite. While I won’t be covering each and every reveal from all their franchises, I will take a look at some that got my interest. Particularly, this latest wave of mostly Iron Man Marvel Legends Series figures.


I’m sure most of you are familiar with who Ironheart is, but if you aren’t, she’s basically the next person to take on the Iron Man armor after Tony Stark. We are also getting a Disney+ series for the character but for now, this is the comic book version using the Ironheart Model 2, which is designed based on Tony Stark’s Iron Man Model 51.

The figure is an entirely new mold and faithfully captures the Ironheart armor design. It also uses the new pin-less joints that Hasbro has steadily implemented across figure lines. For accessories, it comes with replacement hands, Repulsor blast effects, smoke effects, and an unmasked Riri Williams head sculpt.

Marvel Legends Series Ironheart
August 2021 / $29.99

Modular Iron Man

If you’re an Iron Man fan during the 90s, then you must be familiar with this design. The “Modular” Iron Man armor design was used in the 1994 Iron Man: The Animated Series and the Marvel VS. Capcom arcade games. In the comics, the Modular Armor was used as the base of several add-on components, including the Hulkbuster armor. The only 6-inch figure we got of this design was in the November 2006 Face Off Series 2 wave along with Mandarin.

The figure is a retool of the 80th Anniversary Iron Man figure, which has become the de facto mold for modern figures of classic armor designs. I do hope that this means we’ll eventually get modern takes of other classic designs like the House of M design or the Thorbuster armor. And of course, it’s including a couple of Repulsor blast effect parts along with some replacement hand parts.

Marvel Legends Series Modular Iron Man
August 2021 / $29.99

Stealth Iron Man

We’re also getting the obligatory Stealth Iron Man repaint though this stealth configuration is actually a true Iron Man armor design and not just a dark action figure repaint. What’s intriguing is that the bio on the box says that this is the Mark XV “Sneaky” suit, which is a designation given to an MCU suit. This figure is based on the classic comic book design and should instead be given the Model 7 designation. But I guess semantics isn’t really a thing.

The figure is a straight metallic dark blue repaint of the 80th Anniversary Iron Man figure and includes the same accessories as the original, including the unmasked comic book Tony Stark head. I might just get this guy simply because it is an actual numbered Iron Man model.

Marvel Legends Series Stealth Iron Man
August 2021 / $29.99

Other figures in the wave include Hologram Iron Man which is a clear blue retool of the Iron Man Mark 47 mold, and the classic Ultron figure which was revealed previously.


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