Unfortunately 8-Inch (For Me): Dynamic 8ction Heroes “Medieval Knight” Iron Man

I’ve heard of Beast Kingdom and the amazing stuff they make, especially their Dynamic 8ction Heroes line of 8-inch collectible figures. Fortunately for me, I’ve managed to dodge them because I don’t collect 8-inch stuff. Unfortunately for me, they just revealed the next figure in the line which I’m highly unlikely to get, but I wish I could because it just looks awesome.

So this next figure is “Medieval Knight” Iron Man which is Iron Man with this “Knights of the Round Table” aesthetic. Tbe figure gives me the same vibes as Tamashii Nations’ Movie Realization line where they take certain characters and given them Japanese-inspired styling. Not sure if Beast Kingdom will do the same and release more characters with the medieval knight aesthetic but I really like what I’m seeing so far.

How a suit like this could exist in medieval times is beyond me. But given this version of Tony Stark is in a world with wizards and witches and all those kinds of stuff, something like this isn’t impossible. The design still has the core elements of an Iron Man suit, including the primarily red color scheme with gold accents. It does give the vibe of a knight in shining armor with the plates and chainmail underneath. You can also see how he carries potions and concoctions in contrast to the usual weapons he carries, besides the sword and spear.

I know medieval knights aren’t the most articulated of warriors, but that doesn’t mean this Iron Man can’t be either. Despite all those armor plates, this figure looks very articulated, and can be put in great poses. Now the site does mention that the golden chainmail used in this figure is actual chainmail so I’m not sure how that would impact articulation. But the solicitation does show Iron Man in a kneeling pose, but not a superhero landing pose, so mileage may vary.

You can see in the image above the intricate and ornamented sculpted detail on this armor, which is fitting of something from the medieval times. They also mention how the chest jewel piece, where an Arc Reactor would be for a more contemporary armor, has a light up function which makes that chest emblem pop up more. And as previously mentioned, all those potions and bombs are strapped on to his waist, created by his trusty alchemist, which I assume is named Jarvis?

Beast Kingdom is selling two versions of this figure. First is the standard one which includes everything you see here. It comes with a display stand with its name and emblem printed on, replacement hands, sword, shield, wrist artilleries, and an effect part. It also comes with a replacement face sculpt, which is more of a replacement head part.

Then there’s the Deluxe Edition which comes with everything from the standard release, and a bunch more. These include more effect parts, matchlock firearms, and a freaking jet pack. That must’ve involved some hardcore alchemy to work. It also comes with a fully unmasked Tony Stark head piece.

As mentioned, I won’t be getting this as its scale doesn’t fit my collection. But I really like how they did the “displaced” aesthetic while keeping all the beats of your vanilla Iron Man suit design. So for those who collect 1/9 scale or 8-inch figures, then you can preorder the Dynamic 8ction Heroes “Medieval Knight” Iron Man from your usual sources.

Dynamic 8ction Heroes “Medieval Knight” Iron Man
September 2022 / $143.99

Dynamic 8ction Heroes “Medieval Knight” Iron Man (Deluxe Edition)
September 2022 / $169.99


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