#3011A / RIOBOT / R-3 [Real Personal Trooper Type-3]

Product Line / RIOBOT
Scale & Class / Non-Scale Transforming & Combining Collectible Figure
Manufacturer / Sen-Ti-Nel
Release Date / 2022
Appearances / Super Robot Wars Original Generation

From a game series that allows mecha crossovers across multiple titles, the Super Robot Wars franchise has delved into its own rich lore with Super Robot Wars Original Generations. Not limited by the boundaries of the “super robot” and “real robot” mecha subgenres, there’s no better representation of these subgenres fusing together than the SRX or Super Robot Type-X. It’s a behemoth of a super robot formed by the combination of three Real Personal Trooper units, all fitting the real robot archetype. The concept is also borderline ambitious that we often see the SRX and its components as completed figures or model kits that forgo any transformation and combination due to complexity. At least, until Sen-Ti-Nel announced that they’ll release a transforming and combining SRX set as part of their RIOBOT line. After several delays, we finally have the complete set and we’ll now look at the final machine in its base configuration, the R-3.

Fulfilling the role of the commander unit that specializes in both reconnaissance and long-range combat is the R-3, evident in its nimble design that focuses on agility, and is well captured by the RIOBOT version. That said, the design also presents some challenges during display, mainly because of its small footprint that leaves not much room for stability, especially after attaching the pair of grouped Strike Shields. Thankfully, this set also includes a display stand, especially for its R-3 Powered configuration. Speaking of the Strike Shields, they’re basically like the Nu Gundam’s Fin Funnels although you don’t get additional parts to display them deployed. RIOBOT R-3 also comes with its Telekinetic Converging-Type Laser Cannon but, as it’s apparently becoming a trend with these RIOBOT SRX figures, the wrist ball joints aren’t strong enough to hold the cannon singlehandedly. Basically, maximizing the display value of this figure means you will have to use the included stand for support.