#3009 / RIOBOT / R-1 [Real Personal Trooper Type-1]

Product Line / RIOBOT
Scale & Class / Non-Scale Transforming & Combining Collectible Figure
Manufacturer / Sen-Ti-Nel
Release Date / 2022
Appearances / Super Robot Wars Original Generation

From a game series that allows mecha crossovers across multiple titles, the Super Robot Wars franchise has delved into its own rich lore with Super Robot Wars Original Generations. Not limited by the boundaries of the “super robot” and “real robot” mecha subgenres, there’s no better representation of these subgenres fusing together than the SRX or Super Robot Type-X. It’s a behemoth of a super robot formed by the combination of three Real Personal Trooper units, all fitting the real robot archetype. The concept is also borderline ambitious that we often see the SRX and its components as completed figures or model kits that forgo any transformation and combination due to complexity. At least, until Sen-Ti-Nel announced that they’ll release a transforming and combining SRX set as part of their RIOBOT line. After several delays, we finally have the complete set and we’ll first look at each individual machine and their upgrades, starting with the R-1.

R-1, or Real Personal Trooper Type-1, is a close-combat machine like the RX-78-2 Gundam and has the most balanced configuration among the SRX Project machines. The RIOBOT version is non-scale, but it displays well with 1/144 scale kits or similarly sized figures. It may look a little ‘toyetic’ thanks to the color scheme and finish, but the build makes up for it thanks to the die-cast parts and joints that allow for an articulated and stable piece… except for a couple of issues. First is the top of the torso that can get dislodged at times due to the transformation hinge. And there’s the more annoying wrist parts that are only held by friction due to the transformation. These will almost always pop out whenever you change the manipulators or let it hold weapons so do take note. Fortunately, these issues don’t plague the transformation, or rather ‘parts-formation’ as you must take the R-1 apart to convert it to the R-Wing. While not the most ideal approach, it’s understandable as the R-1 also needs to transform into the torso of the SRX. Accessories include the standard R-1 weapon set, and a display base you can prop the R-Wing on.