#1004 / High Grade Universal Century / RX-178 Gundam Mk-II [A.E.U.G.] (2015)

Product Line / High Grade Universal Century
Scale & Class / 1/144 Scale Plastic Model Kit
Manufacturer / Bandai Spirits
Release Date / 2015
Appearances / Mobile Suit Z Gundam

2015 marked the Gunpla 35th Anniversary and to coincide with this milestone, Bandai Spirits started releasing HGUC ‘Revive’ kits. They are essentially 2.0s of existing, though not necessarily old, kits with engineering that’s up to the modern standards set during the HG All Gundam Project in 2013. 2015 also marked the 30th anniversary of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam so in true Gunpla fashion, they released a ‘Revive’ HGUC Gundam Mk-II. This is the third High Grade version of the Gundam Mk-II following the original 1990 HG kit and the first HGUC mold back in 2002.

Technically speaking, the original HGUC Gundam Mk-II kit didn’t have many problems when compared to its contemporaries except for the common ones like visible seam lines and limited articulation. Parts separation for recent High Grades have been engineered to hide seam lines as panel lines while articulation has been consistent for new molds, new retools of older kits are another story. Color accuracy is great on the actual mobile suit though the same can’t be said with the weapons as you’ll definitely need to paint them to match the animation model. On that note, the kit comes with its standard complement of weapons: a beam rifle, beam sabers, hyper bazooka, retractable shield, and an external vulcan pod unit. And while Bandai Spirits has not released a new HGUC Super Gundam or G-Defenser, the new Gundam Mk-II uses the same rear mounting point to attach the older G-Defenser kit, which has also become available as an online exclusive set along with the Flying Armor. Intended to be used with the Real Grade, it’s also compatible with this updated High Grade.