#5005 / ULTRA-ACT ✕ S.H.Figuarts / Ultraman Suit Ver.7.2

Product Line / ULTRA-ACT ✕ S.H.Figuarts
Scale & Class / Non-Scale Collectible Figure
Manufacturer / Bandai Spirits / Tamashii Nations
Release Date / 2016
Appearances / ULTRAMAN

Ultraman Suit Ver.7.2 is the second figure to be released in the ULTRA-ACT and S.H.Figuarts brand collaboration for the ULTRAMAN manga. As the name suggests, the suit is based on Ultraseven whose design is then based on the armor of medieval knights. This is basically all those design choices coming into full circle. Targeted specifically for normal humans without the Ultraman Factor, Dan Moroboshi unleashes the full potential of this suit with his agility and impressive handling of close-combat weapons. Well, agility isn’t really the strong suit of this figure, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

For starters, Tamashii Nations has done an excellent job with the sculpt and detail on this figure, especially on the seemingly layered back panels and the spinal assembly. The same goes with the side panels of the torso where the layered materials are represented with different paint finishes. Speaking of paint finishes, the silver they used isn’t the best but is passable when hit with ample lighting. What’s not passable is their decision to forego the bicep swivels on the upper arms. This is likely to maintain the sculpt of the armor pieces from the shoulders, but this severely limits the arm movement, which is especially important for a sword-wielding character. Just replicating his signature sword-drawing pose became a challenge due to this limitation. Outside of this, the rest of the articulation is standard fare for a Tamashii Nations release. For accessories, outside of replacement pairs of hands, this set comes with the bare minimum of just the Specium Sword and throwing knives, which are shaped after Ultraseven’s Eye Slugger. Oh, and be careful with the piece connecting the sword sheath to the main body, it’s too flimsy.