#4003B / Reformatted / Seraphicus Prominon (Nova Prime)

Product Line / Reformatted
Scale & Class / Voyager Class Unlicensed Transformers Figure
Manufacturer / Mastermind Creations
Release Date / 2016
Appearances / N/A

While I’m not too familiar with his backstory, Nova Prime is one of those Optimus Prime derivatives that really stands out thanks to his angelic presence and sinister demeanor. He is popular among Transformers fans, but not that popular for Hasbro to release an official figure outside of a BotCon exclusive. So, this is yet another case of third-party companies stepping up to fill the demand. Multiple companies were even doing Nova Prime figures and upgrade kits during the early to mid 2010s. Such is the case for Seraphicus Prominon, Mastermind Creations’ take on the character, meant to be displayed in the same shelf with the rest of Hasbro’s main Transformers Classics / Generations line. Mastermind Creations also decided to split Seraphicus Prominon into two components: a core robot and the armor/trailer, and sold them separately.

This is the true form of Seraphicus Prominon formed by combining the core robot and armor parts from the power cradle/trailer, and it definitely has the Nova Prime visage from the comic books. Signature to the Nova Prime aesthetic are its large set of wing binders and this form of Seraphicus Prominon doesn’t cut any corners. Expanding the wing binders reveal clear orange segments that show powerful imagery. Each wing binder has multiple joints that provide many display options, and unfortunately provides nuisances for those who wanted perfectly symmetrical wing arrangements. Seraphicus Prominon still uses the same points of articulation as the core robot though some are hindered by the additional armor parts. For weapons and accessories, Seraphicus Prominon can use all those included with the core robot. In addition, the power cradle comes with its own Star Saber, the ancient Cybertronnian sword with the Matrix of Leadership as hilt. When not in use, the power cradle can be positioned upright and opened to become an armor rack for the core robot, which is also the extent of its transformation. And of course, it can connect to the core robot in vehicle mode via a trailer hitch on the latter.