#4003A / Reformatted / Seraphicus Prominon [Core] (Prima)

Product Line / Reformatted
Scale & Class / Voyager Class Unlicensed Transformers Figure
Manufacturer / Mastermind Creations
Release Date / 2016
Appearances / N/A

While I’m not too familiar with his backstory, Nova Prime is one of those Optimus Prime derivatives that really stands out thanks to his angelic presence and sinister demeanor. He is popular among Transformers fans, but not that popular for Hasbro to release an official figure outside of a Botcon exclusive. So, this is yet another case of third-party companies stepping up to fill the demand. Multiple companies were even doing Nova Prime figures and upgrade kits during the early to mid 2010s. Such is the case for Seraphicus Prominon, Mastermind Creations’ take on the character, meant to be displayed in the same shelf with the rest of Hasbro’s main Transformers Classics / Generations line. Mastermind Creations also decided to split Seraphicus Prominon into two components: a core robot and the armor/trailer, and sold them separately.

By itself, Seraphicus Prominon [Core], doesn’t really look like Nova Prime. In fact, there were discussions whether the figure actually represents Prima, the first Transformer. In any case, handling the figure feels really solid, albeit a little light and hollow to facilitate the transformation. Fortunately, there are panels to cover these gaps and fill the overall silhouette. Being in development for four years, its overall engineering is dated compared to modern Mastermind Creations releases, and this is evident in the articulation. Both the elbow and ankle joints provide wide ranges, though the same can’t be said with the shoulder and hip joints, especially for outward movement. Still, the figure can do very decent poses coupled with the included accessories. Seraphicus Prominon [Core] comes with two translucent swords very similar to those Drift uses in the comic books, a revolver with working bullet chamber, and a Matrix of Leadership-esque artifact that fits in the opening torso chamber. It then transforms to a very sleek truck, though the transformation process isn’t the easiest. It requires flexing some of the plastic panels beyond comfortable tolerances. But once completed, all these panels lock tightly into something so sleek it looks like a pair of sneakers.