#4001 / KBB Master Classical Series / KBBMP10-V (Optimus Prime, MP-10)

Product Line / KBB Master Classical Series
Scale & Class / Voyager Class Unlicensed Transformers Figure
Manufacturer / KuBianBao
Release Date / 2016
Appearances / The Transformers

I’ve managed to stay away from buying any Transformers Masterpiece figures for the longest time despite the recommendations from other collectors. For one, I only collect Optimus Prime figures — to which the line, as of this writing, currently has three, not counting the recolors. But more importantly, and the reason why I got this guy, are their scales and sizes. Transformers Masterpiece figures scale well with each other, but they don’t use the standard size classes followed by mainline releases. They are also larger and don’t display well with figures from other lines.

If the name doesn’t give it away, this is a knockoff of MP-10 Optimus Prime downscaled to the Voyager Class size but with quality that almost matches the original. Besides the obvious size difference, there is heft when handling the figure thanks to the copious use of die-cast parts. Same is also true for the paint and details, with the knockoff even having more than the original in some areas. No changes were made in the articulation and transformation scheme so those familiar with MP-10 should have no problems. And while the set doesn’t come with the trailer, Roller, or an in-scale Spike Witwicky figure, it comes with the same set of weapons and accessories used in robot mode. In addition, there are also three extra head units (one for Orion Pax), a jetpack, and a die-cast sword which seem to come from the live action Transformers movies.