#3013 / Mini Action / Voltes V

Product Line / Mini Action
Scale & Class / Non-Scale Full Transformation Collectible Figure
Manufacturer / Action Toys
Release Date / 2019
Appearances / Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V

Combattler V provided a great first impression when it comes to Action Toys’ Mini Action line. It was far from perfect but the set was able to replicate a fully transforming and combining Combattler V at the ‘desktop’ scale. And of course, there’s no other way to continue the line but with its successor in the “Romance Robot Trilogy”, Voltes V. Between Combattler V and Voltes V, the latter isn’t a purely straight forward combination, and each Volt Machine undergoes simple yet relatively more involved transformations that their Combattler V counterparts. And with the smaller scale, compromises had to be made, but Action Toys was still able to produce a great Voltes V figure.

For starters, the individual Volt Machines look great, with each having translucent blue plastic for the canopies. I definitely appreciate the inclusion of nuances for each Volt Machine, like the fins of the Volt Bomber or the antennas on both the Volt Frigate and Volt Lander. Volt Panzer even has articulated Panzer Arms while Volt Lander has deployable Lander Missiles. Their transformation and combination are also faithful to the animation, and to their larger and more expensive toy counterparts, albeit with some liberties. Most notable is how the face of Voltes V is always visible at the bottom of Volt Crewzer. But other than that, what we get is a great combining Voltes V figure with acceptable articulation for its smaller size. I do have one caveat though, and this might just be limited to my copy. The locking clip on the left Volt Lander on mine is quite loose and it causes the left foot to fall off with the slightest touch, which is a bummer since all the other locking clips are quite tight. Outside of replacement manipulators, Mini Action Voltes V comes with a single, and most important, weapon – the Tenkuu Ken. You’re also able to pull out the V crest on its chest for screen accuracy when using the weapon.