#3012 / RIOBOT / SRX [Super Robot X-Type]

Product Line / RIOBOT
Scale & Class / Non-Scale Combining Collectible Figure
Manufacturer / Sen-Ti-Nel
Release Date / 2022
Appearances / Super Robot Wars Original Generation

I may not exactly be the biggest or most knowledgeable Super Robot Wars Original Generation fan out there, but I do appreciate designs that stand out. I’m also not the biggest fan of the SRX, or Super Robot X-Type, but it does have the unique concept of three “real robots” transforming and combining into one massive “super robot.” The novelty of this concept is what really convinced me to purchase the RIOBOT SRX set, despite the dent it will have on my budget. Ironically, this same novelty also intimidated me in going through the whole combination process, especially after the frustrations I experienced in handling the individual figures. In the end, I opened the manual and jumped right in since I already purchased this set, I might as well experience the whole package, frustrations or otherwise.

The combination process isn’t easy, but the included instructions do guide you step by step. You are even presented options for either a simple or more involved transformation, with the latter using smaller parts and is a little fiddlier process. In the end, what you get is a large robot that, I must admit, is incredible to look at. In all honesty, RIOBOT SRX is really a statue with articulation and is not meant to be played. Otherwise, pieces will start falling off and putting them back together could be quite a chore. Chief of these are the top shoulder pieces which can pop off at the slightest of touches. Combine this with hard shoulder ratchets and these would be thrown all over the place. And yes, most of the joints are hard ratchets, so SRX is quite stable. The part connections are secure for the most part, as mine came with rather loose knee connections. They’re supposed to be spring-locked and can only be dislodged when you press a button at the back of the knee. But the lower legs on mine have tendencies to fall off when you lift SRX by the torso. Mileage may still vary though.

Much like the individual figures, both the manipulator hands and the optics of SRX illuminate under UV/black light. The individual digits are also articulated for more dynamic expressions. The weapons of each R-Series machine can also be attached to the combined form though personally, I’d advise against it since it only adds to more parts that can possibly fall off. Still on weapons, SRX also comes with its signature Z.O. Sword which you can display as being deployed from the chest unit. You can then attach a translucent green blade piece as it’s fully deployed. The SRX can hold the sword with a special piece that locks with the slots on each palm. Lastly, you can use the large display base that comes with R-3 Powered to prop up SRX, but it can very well stand on its own.