#3007 / TRU Metal / Taekwon V

Product Line / TRU Metal
Scale & Class / Non-Scale Collectible Figure
Manufacturer / 5Pro Studio
Release Date / 2018
Appearances / Robot Taekwon V (1976)

You’re certainly not mistaken, Taekwon V looks like Mazinger Z. But like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, what started as a Japanese super robot knock off created its own identity and eventually became a Korean cultural icon. Taekwon V has had a resurgence of appreciation in the last 10 years or so, and this figure is clearly a product of such time. Lotte Mart, which runs Toys”R”Us in Korea, collaborated with 5Pro Studio in 2018 to produce a high-end Taekwon V collectible on-par with Bandai Spirits’ Soul of Chogokin releases.

True to the moniker it’s given, pun intended, TRU Metal Taekwon V is easily one of the best representations of the Korean super robot in collectible form. It has proportions accurate to the animation model, premium-looking paint work, and die cast content that doesn’t impact its overall articulation. Outside of the default fists, the set only includes two pairs of replacement hand parts as accessories. This is true to the source material as Taekwon V doesn’t use weapons and only relies on martial arts to combat its enemies. Though some effect parts would’ve been nice to bring more impact to those punches and kicks. The only nitpick I found was with the shoulder ‘sleeves’ that don’t lock into place and tend to rotate whenever you move the arms. Because these were figures originally sold as limited items, 5Pro Studio isn’t producing them anymore. Although you could still search for copies of it on the Korean aftermarket for higher prices.