#3006 / Mini Action / Combattler V

Product Line / Mini Action
Scale & Class / Non-Scale Full Transformation Collectible Figure
Manufacturer / Action Toys
Release Date / 2019
Appearances / Super Electromagnetic Robot Combattler V

Coming into Action Toys’ Mini Action series, I was very much excited with the possibility of having fully transformable super robot figures at sizes much smaller than those offered by Bandai Spirits’ Soul of Chogokin line. These may not have die cast parts or include a complete assortment of weapons, but the simpler approach allows them to have a lower and more palatable price point. Art Storm was also smart in choosing the “Robot Romance Trilogy” as their first releases, as having Combattler V, Voltes V, and Daimos on the same scale is a prospect that’s incredibly attractive to collectors.

This set includes all five Battle Machines that combine into Combattler V, with each having the basic features of their on-screen counterparts. That said, some adjustments were made because of the smaller size, like how Battle Jet doesn’t have a cover that slides over Combattler V’s face, understandable. That said, the use of clear parts for the canopies are nice touches. Note that the arms for Battle Tank can easily come apart but can be reassembled easily. Specific to my copy, both included landing wheels for Battle Crusher are for the same side. This meant I had to do modifications otherwise, I won’t be able to use one of them. Opportunities for better quality control aside, Combattler V looks amazing when combined and totally comes across as a scaled-down version of the Soul of Chogokin. The proportions are excellent, the paint work, especially those silver parts, are great and the articulation is actually better than the Soul of Chogokin, including waist swivels and ankle rockers. For accessories, the set comes with the essentials. Besides replacement manipulators, it comes with the Twin Lancers in separated and combined forms.