#2011 / Fighting Armor / Iron Man

Product Line / Fighting Armor
Scale & Class / Non-Scale Collectible Figure
Manufacturer / Sen-Ti-Nel
Release Date / 2020
Appearances / N/A

In the last couple of years, both Sen-Ti-Nel and Tamashii Nations have been releasing collectible figures of Marvel Comics characters with essentially the same concept. Take the designs and power sets of these characters and create Iron Man armors based on them. Sen-Ti-Nel created the Fighting Armor line for these figures while Tamashii Nations kept them under their long-running S.H.Figuarts brand. And if both companies are doing Iron Man derivative armors, they had to, of course, start with Iron Man.

Sen-Ti-Nel intended Fighting Armor Iron Man to be the template for future releases in the line, with each subsequent figure being retools of varying degrees to maintain a consistent overall design across the line. It’s based on the classic red and gold armor with multiple smaller arc reactor units all over the body, a callback to another comic book design – the “Bleeding Edge” armor. The figure itself is very notable thanks to the very modern design coupled with great articulation as expected from Sen-Ti-Nel. Not to mention the use of diecast that provides substantial weight to this figure. But that’s pretty much it. Outside of a pair of replacement hands and that same display stand included with every Sen-Ti-Nel set, this is as vanilla as an Iron Man release can get. If the lack of accessories doesn’t deter you, then the build quality alone is worth the asking price. But if you like tinkering with replacement pieces and effect parts, then I suggest looking into Tamashii Nations’ take as I alluded earlier.