#2009 / Marvel Legends Series / Iron Monger (The Infinity Saga)

Product Line / Marvel Legends Series
Scale & Class / 1/12 Scale Action Figure
Manufacturer / Hasbro
Release Date / 2021
Appearances / Iron Man (2008)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off with Iron Man in 2008. However, the movie was released around the time when Hasbro stopped producing Marvel Legends figures so they instead opted to a movie tie-in line to fill in the gap for collectors. This included Iron Monger and while it wasn’t the best, especially when compared to more modern releases, it was the only option available for 6-inch or 1/12 scale collectors for quite a while. That was until Hasbro announced “The Infinity Saga” collection which provided an avenue for releasing modern figures of characters from The Infinity Saga storyline. Not only did we get a new Iron Monger figure, but it was released as a two-pack along with Obadiah Stane who greatly benefits from Hasbro’s photo-real technology.

Compared to the 2008 release, this version is larger to scale with the other MCU Marvel Legends figures and is also much heavier for better stability when on display. It is mostly unpainted thanks to the nature of the Iron Monger design, but it’s molded in a bluish silver plastic that still gives off the same raw metallic sheen like its live-action counterpart. There’s also a good amount of surface detail, from the texture used in the larger armor panels, to the sculpted weapons on the arms and the mechanical details on the legs. A good figure customizer can easily bust out a can of silver paint and have a field day dry brushing this guy. Articulation is also surprisingly good, well for an Iron Monger figure that no one expects to be in high flying and dynamic poses. For accessories, it only comes with an ammunition belt and some effect parts. But remember this is a two-pack with Obadiah Stane who comes with the Arc Reactor freshly removed from Tony Stark, and a briefcase.