MECHA CATALOGUE | Collection Definition

As mentioned, the MECHA CATALOGUE is a comprehensive index with the primary purpose of tracking and organizing collectibles. With the diverse nature of these items from the multitude covered franchises, it is only imperative that there should a defined criteria of what’s going to be included in the said collection. This definition must be flexible enough to accommodate most of the items and at the same time, strict enough to introduce a sense of consistency when viewed from a broader perspective.


The Transformers sets will be dedicated to the collection of the well known Autobot leader Optimus Prime in all its incarnations and variations (i.e. Optimus Primal, Leo Prime) from the different continuities (i.e. Generation One, Live-Action Movie Trilogy). For the CATALOGUE, this collection will primarily include Deluxe Class figures with few Voyager Class exceptions if necessary. Likewise, unlicensed and one-off figures will be compared against the standard size classes for consistency.

#2000: GUNDAM

With the Gundams being mostly model kits, the sets will be restricted to the 1/144 Scale for uniformity. ROBOT Damashii figures would also suffice for those without proper releases in the said scale. The CATALOGUE criteria for Gundams is that the model kits must represent the titular mobile suits from the myriad of works under the franchise (i.e. 00 Gundam, Wing Gundam). This will not only include the animated series, but also the side stories, novelizations, design variations (MSVs) and other miscellaneous productions. Outside of the main criteria, other mobile suit designs that feature the same aesthetic, though not necessarily titular, may be included as well (i.e. Providence Gundam, Gundam GP02A).

#3000: MECHA

The CATALOGUE may include figures/model kits from any Japanese Mecha franchise provided that the overall aesthetic works (though not necessarily pleasing) and it will greatly add to the value of the collection. In addition, a loose restriction to the primary machine from any title is in effect; with most coming from the REVOLTECH, ROBOT Damashii and other figure/model kit lines. General height criteria for figures/model kits representing both large and human-scaled machinery should be within the 120-150 millimeter range, considering the sense of consistency when placed side-by-side along the other sets mentioned.

#4000: ROBOTS

Because of the way mechanics from Western media are presented, a more open criteria for figures from this end of the spectrum is applied. There won’t be any strict aesthetic rules nor will the figures be held as representatives of their respective franchises, introducing multiplicity. These may include, but are not limited to, robots (sentient or controlled), power-up suits/armors and mobile battle platforms. For size classes/scales, figures of larger-than-human representations could either be in the 120-150 millimeter range or larger variants of the 3.75″ Scale; while those of human-scaled representations are limited to the 6″ 1/12 Scale. This allows the notion of organized disparity work across various lines.