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BLOG: Today’s Robits – August 2014

Today's Robits - August 2014 This is Today’s Robits – posts that showcase CATALOGUE-related acquisitions for the entire duration of the covered period. In other words, it’s all about this month’s hobby loot.

What better way to close September than to feature robit acquisitions for the month of August, just because.

First in the least is this quite anticipated third-party kit of the RX-105 Xi Gundam which at the moment has only got a web-exclusive ROBOT Damashii release and an SD kit.

Despite being at 1/144 scale, it’s massive size warrants construction utilizing an internal frame, among other awesomeness contained in this very fancy packaging.


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RIOBOT Jehuty Sen-Ti-Nel just continues these RIOBOT releases month after month as the RIOBOT line adds the iconic Orbital Frame Jehuty from Zone of The Enders.

Built from ABS, PVC and die-cast metal, this high-end figure was designed by Chemical Attack under the supervision of the original mechanical designer for the games, Yoji Shinkawa.

Like the previous RIOBOT releases, the figure will include a display stand as well as effect parts to replicate signature poses seen in the games. It will also include an attack ring to mount weapons though unlike the Revoltech version, it doesn’t have the "enemy" notification on the ring itself.

  • RIOBOT Jehuty
    Release Info: September 2013 · ¥13,500
    Image via Sen-Ti-Nel

BLOG: Revoltech Yamaguchi Vic Viper

Revoltech Yamaguchi Vic Viper Initially revealed (or rather, leaked) during a party of sorts at Hideo Kojima’s office, Kaiyodo has revealed clearer images of the upcoming Vic Viper release in the main Revoltech line.

With Vic Viper being a transformable unit, its conversion to flight mode will require some additional parts. Though unlike previous transforming Revoltech releases, Vic Viper only requires a single extended version of the hip assembly and most of the transformation process is achieved via movement of components.

It also helps that Vic Viper has this clean color palette that makes it fairly difficult to resist purchasing. Would this be the first Zone of the Enders Revoltech figure in the CATALOGUE?

  • Revoltech Yamaguchi Vic Viper
    Release Information: May 2013 · ¥3,791
    Image via MECHA GUY

[UPDATE] Not talking about that crotch section. Never.

BLOG: Hideo Kojima Reveals Revoltech Vic Viper

Hideo Kojima reveals Revoltech Vic Viper So Hideo Kojima and the guys were having some party of sorts, posting pics of pizzas and drinks when he suddenly tweets this pic of a Vic Viper figure using that all-too-familiar Revoltech stand.

That’s right, having just released the Naked Jehuty figure, it seems like Kaiyodo isn’t done with their Zone of the Enders kick and will be dishing out this guy next. Also, it’s a welcome treat that they’ll again do a figure outside of the Jehuty remolds and variations.

Kaiyodo hasn’t made an official announcement regarding this release as of yet.

BLOG: RIOBOT Reveals at Wonder Festival Summer 2012

RIOBOT Reveals at Wonder Festival Summer 2012 With the upcoming release of the Zone of the Enders HD Collection every company wants to take some profit from all the hype. This time around, Sen-Ti-Nel is calling the shots with their RIOBOT Jehuty and Anubis figures as they’re revealed in the recently concluded Wonder Festival Summer 2012.

As expected with any RIOBOT figure, both will come fully loaded with accessories as seen in the games, as well as a display stand for those dynamic poses.

  • RIOBOT Jehuty (February 2013)
  • RIOBOT Anubis (March 2013)
  • Image Credits

And yeah, they also showed this guy having an accessory extending up to 82 freaking centimeters!