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BLOG: "Knight’s & Magic" ROBOT Damashii TRI <Side SK>

"Knight's & Magic" - ROBOT Damashii TRI So here’s yet another new brand within the ROBOT Damashii line called ROBOT Damashii TRI. Not really sure which figures fall into this brand but the first two releases will be the Silhouette Knights <Side SK> Earlecumber and <Side SK> Guyale from the upcoming anime adaptation of Knight’s & Magic.

The source material has very interesting mechanical designs integrating the whole knight-based aesthetic, last seen from the likes of Vision of Escaflowne. Definitely getting one of these.

  • ROBOT Damashii TRI <Side SK> Earlecumber
    Release Information: Oct. 2017 · ¥4,000
  • ROBOT Damashii TRI <Side SK> Guyale
    Release Information: Oct. 2017 · ¥4,000

Images via Knight’s & Magic on Tumblr


BLOG: Tamashii Nations Pick Up – GUNDAM 00 10th Anniversary

Tamashii Pick Up - Gundam 00 10th Annivesary For those who can’t believe it, believe it. It has been ten years since Mobile Suit Gundam 00 premiered and Tamashii Nations is early with the celebrations by announcing a slew of upcoming releases for this occasion.

These include the METAL BUILD 00 Gundan Seven Sword/G, ROBOT Damashii Gundam Exia Repair II, and two that are more interesting for this collector. First is the NXEdge Style Gundam Exia which is the first one to feature LED lights.

Lastly is the ROBOT Damashii Full Armor 0 Gundam which is quite fitting considering that they just released the ROBOT Damashii Full Armor Gundam. The figure has been revealed a while back and begs the question if this is just a retool of the ROBOT Damashii 0 Gundam release back in 2009.

BLOG: Tap That Top Coat! THE ROBOT SPIRITS Gundam Astray Out Frame D

Tap That Top Coat! THE ROBOT SPIRITS Gundam Astray Out Frame D Here’s a quick project before the year ends. Was contemplating for the longest time on whether to detail a ROBOT Damashii figure. In this context, detailing meant inking panel lines, placing decals, and applying a layer of matte top coat.

For the first test subject (LOL!), here’s Gundam Astray Out Frame D. The process was pretty straight forward thanks to the simple body structure and standard accessory count. It took just over three hours of work and the final result was very satisfying.

It also opens a totally new can of worms of whether to do the same to the other figures in the CATALOGUE. This certainly won’t be the last and many other figures that look very ‘toyetic’ would benefit such treatment.

So yeah, hoping that the incoming year would be full of actual model kit builds!

BLOG: THE ROBOT SPIRITS Extreme Gundam Type Leos "All Phases Project"

"THE ROBOT SPIRITS Extreme Gundam Type Leos" Project Disclaimer: All items seen here were purchased within the span of four years and thus, this isn’t the monetary wastage it would seem.

Having both ROBOT Damashii Extreme Gundam Type-Leos and the option set allows forming the five modes of the aforementioned mobile suit via parts swapping. That said, this collector doesn’t find that process appealing. So he concocted this idea of getting two of the option sets and five of the base figure to have all five forms (or Phases) as individual figures.

Years pass and here they are. The process would be very straight forward and requires no modification. Although it has been mentioned that one can modify an Extreme Gundam head to reveal the hidden face on the back. Will try to look at that but at the moment, everything should be ready.

BLOG: ROBOT Damashii <Side MS> Full Armor Gundam ver.A.N.I.M.E.

ROBOT Damashii &lt;Side MS&gt; Full Armor Gundam With all the brouhaha and commotion surrounding the Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt version of the Full Armor Gundam, Tamashii Nations has not forgotten the original design and put it in the ver.A.N.I.M.E. sub-brand of the ROBOT Damashii line.

This is the original Full Armor Gundam as seen in the Mobile Suit Variation design series, moss green armor and all. Aside from its excellent articulation, the figure comes with a bunch of weapons, accessories, and effect parts for various display options. And with Bandai Hobby currently not planning on releasing a High Grade of this guy, getting this kit is a great alternative.

  • ROBOT Damashii <Side MS>
    Full Armor Gundam ver.A.N.I.M.E.

    Release Information: Feb. 2017 · ¥6,000
    Images via Tamashii Web