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BLOG: Wonder Festival Summer 2016 – Vulcanlog Dino Getter 1

Wonder Festival Summer 2016 - Vulcanlog Dino Getter 1 Despite quality control issues and whatnot, Kaiyodo’s Revoltech line did a great job in releasing the different Getter Robo iterations and versions. Still in the process of completing them but it’s good to know that despite the line being officially done, Union Creative is continuing the trend with their Vulcanlog figures as they reveal the next release.

Previously released as part of the METAMOR-FORCE line, Dino Getter 1 is now part of the much manageable (and cheaper) Vulcanlog line. Now obviously the figure won’t transform but it will definitely benefit the articulation offered by the Revoltech joints plus the detail provided by Sen-Ti-Nel toy designer Alan Moriguchi.

No release dates have been revealed but this is a definite purchase!


BLOG: METAMOR-FORCE Dino Getter 1 – Colored Prototype Shots

METAMOR-FORCE Dino Getter 1 - Colored Prototype Shots Japanese online hobby shop AmiAmi just got a sample of Dino Getter 1, the first release in Sen-Ti-Nel’s new METAMOR-FORCE line.

For the unfamiliar, these Dino Getters are essentially Getter Robos with dinosaur motifs. On the other hand, METAMOR-FORCE comes form "Metamorphose (i.e. transformation) x Metal x Force" which aims to further increase the already high quality of releases that the company does.

As for the transformation aspect, Dino Getter 1 converts to a Pterodactyl-like form while the upcoming Dino Getter 2 and 3 releases transforms to a raptor and a two-headed Brontosaurus (?) respectively.

  • METAMOR-FORCE Dino Getter 1
    Release Information: June 2014 · ¥15,984
    Images via AmiAmi Blog

BLOG: Getter Robo 40th Anniversary Project – Dino Getter

Getter Robo 40th Anniversary Project - Dino Getter 2014 marks the 40th Anniversary of Go Nagai’s Getter Robo franchise and to celebrate this, a new project has been revealed.

The project is entitled Dino Getter though other than that, not much is known as to what format will the upcoming fiction be. Though the recently-concluded Wonder Festival 2013 Summer has revealed that Sen-Ti-Nel is going to release figures of the titular machines under the RIOBOT line.

Design-wise, they look quite the same to the previous Getter Robos though this set has more savage and beast-like aesthetics going on.