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BLOG: Super MiniPla Zambo Ace?

Super MiniPla Zambo Ace? The Bandai Shokugan / Candy Toy division is quite busy recently with their upcoming Super MiniPla Galient releases (with this collector unfortunately missing pre-orders) when they decide to show this guy all in its prototype glory.

To the unfamiliar, this is Zambo Ace, the core unit of Zambot 3. While they haven’t shown the latter, it won’t make sense if they didn’t eventually show Zambot 3 itself. Regardless, here’s Zambo Ace and the engineering they’ve put into the kit. It transforms into Zambird via parts-forming and while expected, what’s not is that the set also comes with dedicated parts to build Zambird itself. This allows the display of both Zambo Ace and Zambird simultaneously.

Really looking forward to this guy now and here’s hoping for wider pre-order windows.


BLOG: Super MiniPla Xabungle – Work in Progress #3

Super MiniPla Xabungle - Work in Progress #3 Fast forward to 6 months since the last work in progress post for the Super MiniPla Xabungle and the primary kits for construction — Xabungle in both combined mode and its component machines — are more or less complete.

The build is still quite straight forward although there’s one thing worth noting. Assembling the leg units require attaching armor pieces to an ‘internal frame’ piece. Because the orientation of the part isn’t directly shown, or this collector is just an idiot, the aforementioned piece was attached in reverse. While it didn’t really compromise the overall assembly, it did affect the ankle joint as supporting pegs have to be removed because of the reversed connections. Meaning the ankle joints may be looser than they should.

Anyway, the weapons and support machines are yet to be built but Xabungle itself is done.

BLOG: Super MiniPla Galient – Prototype Shots

Super MiniPla Galient - Prototype Shots Still on Super MiniPla, Dengeki Hobby was able to get a hold of the prototype shots for Assault Galient and Tetsukyojin, the next in the 80s robot category.

For Assault Galient, aside from being assembled from the Panzer Falcon and Strike Vehicle components, the combined form can also transform into its Big Falcon flight mode. This is essentially Galient bent forwards with wings on the arms. As they’re still gray prototypes, the color separation of these two is still questionable.

Also questionable is whether to get two copies of Assault Galient — one for their separate components and another for the combined form.

  • Super MiniPla Galient
    (Assault Galient & Tetsukyojin)

    Release Information: Summer 2017
    Images via Dengeki Hobby Web

BLOG: Super MiniPla GaoGaiGar – Development Commentary

Super MiniPla GaoGaiGar - Development Commentary With its upcoming release by the end of February, the Bandai Candy Staff Blog has been updated with a great article on how the decision to go Super MiniPla GaoGaiGar came into fruition, including the persons who spearheaded the project and any differences it may have from the currently offered kits in the line.

Explaining the details is N. Nishi who also works with the Super Sentai team within Bandai Candy. He mentions that in the overlap between the releases of Super MiniPla Xabungle and MiniPla Zyuohger, he realized that the Super MiniPla line can do more and was determined to develop something he wanted for quite a while — GaoGaiGar. He thought that a figure with the right balance between size, playability, and quality is still missing. So when Bandai got the license six years ago, together with the momentum of recent MiniPla releases, he thought — the perfect time has finally come.

Continue Reading: Super MiniPla GaoGaiGar – Development Commentary

BLOG: Super MiniPla Panzer World Galient (Assault Galient & Tetsukyojin)

Super MiniPla Panzer World Galient / Crest of Iron Coming out of their yet to be available Daizyujin and GaoGaiGar sets, Bandai Candy has revealed their next kits in the Super MiniPla line. Timed to the release of the Blu-ray box set this May, it will be the Galient from both Panzer World Galient series and the Crest of Iron OVA.

Two sets will be released at the same time, first is Armored Galient from the series that can split into its Panzer Falcon and Strike Vehicle components via replacement parts. Second is the Tetsukyojin (Iron Giant Galient) from the OVA and comes as a single unit. Both kits will utilize great parts separation and fair amount of marking seal usage.

  • Super MiniPla Panzer World Galient
    (Assault Galient & Tetsukyojin)

    Release Information: Summer 2017
    Images via Dengeki Hobby Web