Despite encountering some licensing hiccups for the international market, Tamashii Nations’ initial releases for both Iron Man and War Machine were well received. So they decided to release more figures, this time coming from IRON MAN 3 and skipping The AVENGERS, either due to the competition with Figma or their license being limited to Iron Man. Between the two films, Tony Stark managed to jump from Iron Man Mark 7 with 35 iterations of the armor utilizing various configurations to produce Iron Man Mark 42. Though as far as aesthetics go, the major difference goes to the color palette swap with gold being dominant and red as highlights. That said, the color scheme is more complicated thanks to the use of red and silver bits to break the gold monotony. And as expected from an S.H.Figuarts release, the paint work is excellent with minimal to no bleeding despite the scattered color distribution. Articulation is also a no brainer with the figure able to replicate iconic stances seen in the film. It comes with the standard set of accessories which include replacement hands and effect parts. Like Iron Man Mark 6, the figure only comes with one pair of hand covers and replacing hands would require removing and reattaching these covers. Unlike Iron Man Mark 6, those that come with Iron Man Mark 42 are so loose that they fall off at the slightest touch. It also doesn’t help that these are small parts and can be easily lost. Apart from this, Iron Man Mark 42 is a great release, though it would’ve been an excellent release if it weren’t for this issue.



S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark 42 comes with "Tony’s Sofa" as the first production run bonus, which includes the couch and two throw pillows molded as one. These are made from hollow plastic and can accommodate any similarly scaled figure.