In recent years, Max Factory has been slowly but surely expanding their Figma line to cover characters outside the Japanese animation female archetype. So it’s not much of a surprise, and more of a delight, that Max Factory has decided to release select figures from the 2012 billion-dollar blockbuster The AVENGERS. Just like its Sci-Fi Revoltech counterparts, the Figma figures scale well with Marvel Legends though the quality is worlds apart. Speaking of quality, Iron Man Mark 7 has the same high level of quality and attention to detail expected from a Figma figure. Though being a Figma also meant that it has the same engineering seen in their female archetype figures that it introduces some minor problems to an otherwise excellent release. Figma joints are quite sufficient in providing both great range of movement and tolerance as seen in their previous releases. However, since Iron Man Mark 7 is a bulkier figure, there is a chance of joint tolerance issues in the long run. Soft plastic is used for both hand plates and ankle armors to aid articulation, though the same are also subject to warping when the figure is placed in the same static position for an extended duration. And while on the subject, Max Factory almost nailed it with the articulation except for limited inward shoulder movement with its use of ball joints. Also limited is the accessory count, comprising of only replacement hands and effect parts. This is because Max Factory concurrently released a "Full Spec Ver." which includes alternate parts with open panels, missile launchers, and a helmet with raised visor showing Tony Stark’s face.