Prior to this release, S.H.Figuarts was already established as one of the best cost efficient, collector-oriented lines in the market because of its attention to detail and near-consistent quality. So when Tamashii Nations announced that they’ve acquired the license to Iron Man and will be producing figures, many were immediately stoked. Upon its reveal, there were already seven Iron Man armors from the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’ and Bandai decided to go with Iron Man Mark 6 from IRON MAN 2. As expected from any S.H.Figuarts release, Iron Man Mark 6 had great articulation thanks to, as some reviewers described, double jointed everything and ball jointed everything else. The amount of detail on the figure is also paramount. From the use of metallic crimson as base color, to the intricate details of the arc reactor, they made sure that the figure will be made as if Tony Stark did it himself. Bandai didn’t skip on the accessories either as it came with quite a few. Aside from the standard array of replacement hands, the set comes with a bunch of Repulsor Blast and thruster effect parts. Four of the former were included and can be attached to the included pegged hands while a pair for the latter can be attached to the feet. There’s only one gripe about this figure — it doesn’t scale well with those outside the line. Iron Man figures from both Sci-Fi Revoltech and Figma lines scaled well with Marvel Legends while the S.H.Figuarts ones were a tad smaller.



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